What would this mean for Freeman?


  • This brings more business to our community
  • Current businesses would find more foot traffic
  • Stimulates job growth to assist with increased citizen growth:
  • Construction of new homes/renovations
  • Large businesses' marketing promotes the towns they are located in = more visibility
  • New families could create new business opportunities
  • Could be located in our empty locations on major streets and fill homes sitting vacant.  
  • Less need to travel out of Freeman for resources
  • Two schools would benefit from additional tax revenue and higher learning standard
  • More business revenue lowers everyone’s taxes as a whole
  • Teachers will better incentives to choose Freeman with more opportunity for their family

How New Jobs Affect a Community in Revenue

*Assume a light manufacturing company such as a computer and electronics production company located into Freeman.

Additional Employment Created: 1.5572
Addtional Payroll Generated: $1.05

For every 25 new jobs created with an annual salary of $35,000 in the Freeman Community, the results are as follows with the example of (New Jobs) x (Average Salary):  25 X $35,000 = $875,000

Which creates:
(Additional Payroll) = (Increase revenue in the community) 
$875,000    X        $1.05       = $918,750.00

What does this mean for Freeman?

  • Reputation of a community that focuses and is organized to “take care of their own”.   Programs in place to utilize the most out of the talents located in Freeman
  • Shows interest and sense of security to local business owners when the town takes pride in their business’ value 
  • Creates a tourism destination for visitors to enjoy
  • Walk down a main street with window shopping, unique shops and welcoming atmosphere
  • Picturesque locations to create memories families want to recreate year after year
  • Fishing at The Arboretum
  • Schmeckfest exhibits and authentic German food
  • High quality Productions and Musical talents at both the high school and amateur levels
  • Nostalgic lifestyle with the modern day technology

How New Jobs affect a Community's Demographics

*Assume workers live and work in the Freeman Community and housing value is, on average $150,000.

Number of New Jobs: 25
Number of New Residents for the Community: 37.5
Number of New School Children: 4
Number of Households: 12
Number of New Retail Establishments: 1
Number of Housing Units Demanded: 10
Estimated Residential Property Tax Receipts: $32,742


*Statistics from Planning and Development, District Three