Invest in Freeman's future with the creation of jobs. A perpetual contribution to your community.

– FGF Mission Statement

Growth, Improvements, Energy, Progress

Freeman understands how 'community' is an action word.  It is a way of life.  People wave, they genuinely ask how you are, and help you when you need a hand. They attend ball games and applaud at music events like their children are famous. They are to this community.  

This from a small town?  Freeman does not see itself as small, it considers itself as growing.

Freeman is focused on it's future.  The businesses' focus on delivering big town products with small town care. The opportunities are growing, not diminishing. Now, Freeman is looking to expand again.  This time in a long term, large picture. 

We want more families to experience this way of life. We want to be considered by major corporations as a place to set down roots. We do not want to be passed by. We are building our tomorrow, today.